Breyer Snowbird 2022 Stirrup Ornament

Item#/SKU: 700323

Collect the 2022 Limited Edition Holiday Horse, Snowbird, in ornament form! Snowbird has a pearly grey coat and he is beautifully decorated with blue and gold costuming, topped with a feathered headdress, along with a spray of evergreens. This holiday ornament is set in a gleaming silver-toned stirrup with an indigo gem dangling from the top. Snowbird is the 23rd in a collectible series!

Product Details:

  • Limited Edition
  • Holiday Horse Collectible Ornament
  • Snowbird - pearly grey horse
  • Blue and gold costuming
  • Feathered headdress
  • 23rd in a collectible series
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SKU: 700323
List Price:$19.99

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