Samhain Halloween Horse

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It's the Halloween Horse a lot of folks have been waiting for: Samhain!  Pronounced "Sow-en" it is the name for the ancient final harvest festival, which fell around the end of October.  As the days became noticeably shorter and darker, it marked the beginning of the dark part of the year, and as such, was also believed to be the time when the veil between our world and the world of souls was thinnest, allowing visits by and communication with the dead.  Although I have worded this in past tense, speaking for the Gallic peoples who introduced the world to Halloween, many people around the world still celebrate Samhain annually.

This year's Halloween Horse has to bear the burden of representing both modern Halloween and the more traditional Samhain, so it takes a big mare to carry that weight!  Breyer aptly chose Wixom, who proudly carries the symbolism of the holiday while representing the horses who have always helped bring in the harvest.  She is done in coppery sunset colors with imagery that includes a cornfield and Jack-o-lanterns.  What's on her other side?  We'll all have to wait to see!  Meanwhile, as a special treat, parts of her design even glow in the dark!


Expected to arrive here in September.  They'll ship to customers who pre-order immediately on arrival.  Order now to insure you don't miss out!

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