Maelstrom Breyer 2022 Halloween

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In a quiet fishing village, whispers of an eerie legend are told by candlelight. Centuries ago, a pirate ship loaded with plunder crashed on the village’s rocky coast during a wild storm on All Hallows Eve. Every year since, that night is full of fierce waves and howling winds that are said to be the voices of the pirates, cursed to be forever searching for their lost treasure.

Maelstrom’s wild pinto coat is covered in skeletal pirates and a haunting pirate ship. Like the churning sea in a storm, his coat color appears to shift with the light. And when the stormy clouds cover the moon, behold! All of his ghastly white markings glow in the dark.

This chilling limited edition has “Maelstrom 2022” printed on his belly.

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Maelstrom Breyer 2022 Halloween
Maelstrom Breyer 2022 Halloween
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