Breyerfest 2021 Stablemate set of 4

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Items are in unopened sealed blue bag.

Dada (mold 5733) has been named in honor of the post-WWI art movement inspired by a rejection of logic and reason and embracing nonsense and satire.  (“Dada” also just happens to be the colloquial French term for a hobby horse.)  Our Dada has been done on the Galloping Arabian Stallion, sculpted by Tabatha Pack, in a shaded “flaxen blue” sabino pinto.

Nouveau (mold 5749) has been named for the late-19th century art style that embraced the natural world, particularly the shapes and curves of plants and flowers.  Done on the mini Fighting Stallion, originally sculpted in Traditional Scale by Chris Hess, Nouveau has been painted in a stunning combination of gold, orange, and teal inspired by the work of Czech painter Alphonse Mucha.

Rococo (mold 5748) is our tribute to the gloriously ornate 18th century French style of architecture and decoration that embraced pastels, gilding, motion, and drama.  Done on a mini Smart Chic Olena, originally sculpted in Traditional Scale by Susan Carlton Sifton, this show-stopper has been done in a pearl and rose gold frame overo pinto.

Avant Garde (mold 5743) is a late-19th century movement that began in France and was inspired by social change, whose contributors to this day challenge current cultural values.  Our tribute to this inspiring movement has been done on the Norwegian Fjord Stallion, sculpted by Brigitte Eberl, in a lovely purple dun with four socks.

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Breyerfest 2021 Stablemate set of 4
Breyerfest 2021 Stablemate set of 4
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