Breyer Opoly Game

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Breyer®-Opoly lets players buy, trade and sell their favorite model horses! Players choose their model horse game piece and meet at the starting line. One roll of the die and they're off on an equestrian adventure like no other! Gallop ahead but beware of the pitfalls along the trail! Will you get caught in the Pony Pound? What happens if your horse 'breaks a leg?' It's all horse play until you find the bank repossessing your ranch, so let your horse sense prevail!

Increase your Breyer knowledge while playing too! On the flip side of every deed are fun facts about the model horses you love! For example... Did you know that Misty of Chincoteague and her foal Stormy have been in the Breyer line longer than any other model?

Will you amass the greatest Breyer collection ever, or will your models be sent to regrind? Play Breyer®-Opoly and find out!

Traditional Play or Short Version. For 2-6 Players, Ages 8 to Adult.

Game contains: one game board, 6 Breyer model game pieces, run-in sheds, stables, Tack Trunk and Model Madness cards, deeds, play money and dice


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Breyer Opoly Game
Breyer Opoly Game
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