Appaloosa Indian Pony

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While many are familiar with the Appaloosa horse of today, the breed's origins reach way beyond the modern show ring! In the Americas, the Nez Perce Indians are credited with creating this colorful breed. In the 18th century, this tribe began to breed colorfully-marked mustangs. Primarily a fishing tribe, the addition of their spotted mounts made a large impact in their daily lives. The tribe became much more mobile, and hunting and trading were made easier. Their hardy and flashy ponies were both strong and intelligent - characteristics that the breed still possesses today. These uniquely-spotted horses were originally named "Palouse" after the Palouse River which ran through Nez Perce territory, the name evolved into the "Appaloosa" we are now familiar with! While the Appaloosa's coat comes in many colors and patterns, like this beautiful buckskin blanket Appaloosa, there are many features they all share: mottled (spotted) skin, striped hooves, and white sclera (the area of the eye which encircles the iris). No matter their color, the Appaloosa is a breed with strong roots in North America's history and culture! Every Breyer Indian Pony comes with feathers, but only 1 in 6 will be chalky and come with colorfully painted symbols! Chalky models feature an opaque white basecoat reminiscent of some popular 1970's vintage Breyer models. This special model will be shipped randomly and cannot be specifically requested.
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