El Caballo Peruano de Paso

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Limited to 2,500 pieces! This stunningly decorated Peruvian Paso is just one half of this special, limited edition Peruvian Paso set. Along with the rider, this image captures both in mid-step of competing the famed "champagne class" - where, you've guessed it, the uniquely smooth gait of the Peruvian is tested to preserve every last drop of the prized drink. The Peruvian Paso, a native breed of Peru, is shown in his energetic stride, and his rider is decked out in real-wool cape, hat, pants and boots. The horse is tacked in a cabesada, an authentic leather, beautifully detailed headstall that combines with halter and leadrope. The leather saddle is enhanced by the guarnicion, which covers and decorates the tail piece. The accompanying storybook style packaging and Certificate of Authenticity make this model a collectible for any age!
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