Comanche with saddle club book

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Breyer Comanche with Saddle Club Book, Horse Shy Traditional size Horse Comanche is a handsome dark bay school horse ridden by 12-year-old Stevie Lake at Pine Hollow Stables in Bonnie Bryant's novel Horse Shy, the second book in The Saddle Club series. The Mountain Trail Overnight, a.k.a. the MTO, was a great success! Lisa, Stevie and Carole spent the weekend trail riding, camping and playing mounted games with the other riders from Pine Hollow. Lisa was going to quit riding forever after falling from Pepper on a trail ride only a few days earlier. Luckily, Stevie and Carole were there to help her get back in the saddle. Soon after the trip, however, a tragic accident leaves Carole determined to never ride or go near a horse again. Will Stevie and Lisa be able to convince her to come back to Pine Hollow? Note: The Breyer model is based upon the description of the horse character in the book and is on the Breyer Stud Spider mold. This is a Traditional Scale Model.


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