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Elegance Collection - Dressage Set

Sold OUT
Elegance Collection - Dressage Set
Brand Name: Breyer
Item#/SKU: 1182
With its customary flair for the most exquisite and accurate portrayals of horses in sport, Breyer introduces its newest series, the magnificent Elegance Collection. The Collection captures the epitome of equestrian sport, as only the horse experts at Breyer can — with painstaking attention to every minute nuance and expression. Every horse is hand-painted and decorated in multiple layers and stages to assure complete authenticity, breathtaking beauty and intricate detail. Each accessory, such as the saddle, bridle and tack trunk, replicates the equipment of a world class equestrian. The rider’s attire is crafted with the same level of detail, expertly tailored for fit and accuracy at the pinnacle of competition. This very special work of art is the perfect keepsake for anyone who loves horses and the finer side of life so often associated with the world of equestrian sports. The set contains an exquisitely detailed, hand-decorated rose dapple grey Warmblood is accompanied by an 8” dressage rider figure dressed in appropriate attire for the highest level of competition: the Grand Prix. This set also includes authentic, high quality replicas of tack, and a tack trunk with working wheels. A stained wood base features a brass nameplate labeled "The Elegance Collection,” and “The Elegance Collection – Dressage” is printed on the underside of the horse’s belly. When not on display, this set can be stored in its faux leather keepsake box.
List Price: $375.00

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